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Irritate in English
irritate, anger, exasperate; excite get irritated, be irritated

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Irritate in English
(v.) = irk ; needle ; irritate ; rattle + Posesivo + cage ; rub + Nombre + up the wrong way ; spite ; annoy ; roil ; nerve ; gall ; rile ; peeve ; enrage ; hit + a (raw) nerve ; strike + a nerve (with) ; exasperate ; touch + a (raw) nerve ; raise + Posesivo + hackles ; vex ; ruffle ; hit + a hot button ; rankle ; push + Posesivo + buttons ; wind + Nombre + up ; get + Posesivo + back(s) up ; get + Posesivo + dander up.
Ex: She had been told from time to time that he seemed to derive satisfaction from needling the staff, but she had never been able to pin down specifically what he does that irks them.
Ex: She had been told from time to time that he seemed to derive satisfaction from needling the staff, but she had never been able to pin down specifically what he does that irks them.
Ex: Their education must accordingly be designed to prepare them for that future, however much this may irritate the myopics whose only concern is for the present.
Ex: The author maintains that his poem makes an attempt to rattle the cage and is a gesture toward revolt, a call to abandon any vision of human life that does not embrace the sexual universe.
Ex: Relations between the two countries would now be difficult as our Prime Minister had rubbed theirs up the wrong way over ridiculous matters.
Ex: Men's abuse of children is in many instances instrumental in order to coerce or retaliate against women, echoing the Greek myth of Medea who killed her own children to spite her father.
Ex: Library pests are any humans, large or microscopic beasts, library equipment or installations, or chemical and biological substances that hamper or annoy the reader.
Ex: Episcopalians were roiled by the approval of a rector outspokenly conservative on such matters as the liturgy, the hymnal and ordination.
Ex: But there's something which has nerved me before with the forum.
Ex: It was the American attitude of superiority that galled them the most.
Ex: Now is not the time for superfluous rantings intended to rile the public.
Ex: Things like talking over the performances and cutting to commercials in the middle of performances were really peaving the people who watched.
Ex: On a recent field trip, he drank too much and became enraged with another student by whom he felt insulted.
Ex: Based on their account, it seems obvious that Beauperthuy hit a raw nerve among some of the medical research leaders of the day.
Ex: His plethoric prose produced by a prodigious placement of words struck a nerve.
Ex: Radical intellectuals often seem exasperated by what appears as excessive attention paid to conceptualization.
Ex: Obama's election seems to have touched a raw nerve in conservative white America, unleashing a torrent of right-wing rage unseen in this country.
Ex: But be prepared to raise some hackles if you take this approach, because it is essential you do it openly and not behind your boss' back.
Ex: The powers-that-be at ISU seem to be a little vexed by the attention they're getting for denying tenure to astronomer Guillermo Gonzalez.
Ex: He didn't mince words and that ruffled some people, but that was just the way he is.
Ex: She's relatively patient, but when you hit a hot button with her, she can go from calm to stark-raving mad and cursing in about .00001 seconds .
Ex: Now it appears that everyday citizens' sensibilities have been rankled by the campaign.
Ex: You have got to stand up and put her in her place until then she will keep trying to push your buttons.
Ex: Presumably there are plenty more examples like this across the British rail network, I just decided to pick on this one because it winds me up each time I travel to Brighton.
Ex: My mum and I cannot keep a conversation going about a subject I bring up without her getting her back up and starting to have a go at me = Mi mamá y yo no podemos mantener una conversación sobre cualquier tema que yo saque a colación sin que se exaspere y comience a arremeter contra mí.
Ex: Nothing got her dander up worse than hearing excuses for not accomplishing something.
* irritar a Alguien = ruffle + Nombre + feathers.
* irritarse = chafe (at) ; chafe at + the bit ; champ at + the bit ; chomp at + the bit ; get + ruffled.
* irritarse con = get + short with.
(v.) = cause + irritation.
Ex: Basically my jaw clicks when opened wide and at night I clench it causing irritation to my nerves that go to my brain, hence my migraines.
* irritar la piel = irritate + Posesivo + skin.

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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