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extreme, radical, excessive; most, greatest; farthest
extremity; highest point; end; extreme, utmost; wing
take it to an extreme

The word means last. Designation of the little finger. Right hand symbol - lower case 'e'.

thoroughgoing, extreme

end , extreme


(v.) = maximise [maximize, -USA].
Ex: Ideally we would like both to maximise recall, or the number of relevant documents retrieved, at the same time ensuring that the documents retrieved all remain relevant.
* extremar la vigilancia = be extra vigilant.
(n.) = end ; extreme ; far + Localización ; reaches ; extreme end ; end point [endpoint] ; tip.
Ex: Scanning must start to the left of the bar codes and must continue past the right end.
Ex: At the two extremes, the order may simply be decided for each topic as and when it arises, and followed thereafter.
Ex: We'll select record '75' which is located on CD-ROM disc #4 (shown by the number on the far right side of the screen).
Ex: He went on to explain that while there were no unsightly slums, there was a fairly large district of rather nondescript homes intermingled with plain two- and three-family brick and frame dwellings, principally in the eastern reaches of the city.
Ex: However, it was possible to identify queries from the extreme ends of the specificity continuum.
Ex: The process reaches its end point when information is gathered, indexed and compiled into a useful format for public and library staff use.
Ex: Reportedly the tip of his nose is so damaged from the operations that the tissue has died.
* al extremo = to the extreme.
* al extremo norte = northernmost.
* al extremo oeste = westernmost.
* a lo extremo = to the extreme.
* al otro extremo = at the receiving end.
* a un extremo de la escala = at one end of the scale.
* del Extremo Oriente = Far Eastern.
* desde un extremo ... al otro = from one end ... to the other.
* de un extremo al otro = from the ridiculous to the sublime ; from the sublime to the ridiculous.
* de un extremo a otro del país = cross-country.
* de un extremo de la ciudad a otro = cross-town.
* en el extremo opuesto = at the far end.
* en el otro extremo = at the other extreme.
* en el otro extremo de la escala = at the other extreme.
* en el otro extremo de la escala = at the other end of the scale ; at the other end of the spectrum.
* en este extremo = to this extent.
* en un extremo de la escala = at one extreme.
* en un extremo ... en el otro = at one end ... at the other.
* extremo delantero = fore-end.
* extremo inferior izquierdo = lower left.
* Extremo Oriente, el = Far East, the.
* extremo + Punto Cardinal = furthest + Punto Cardinal.
* extremo superior = high end.
* hasta el extremo de = to the point of ; up to the point of.
* hasta el extremo que = up to the point where ; to the point where.
* jugar de extremo derecho = play + the left wing.
* llegar al extremo de = get to + the point of ; go to + the extreme of.
* llegar al extremo de + Infinitivo = go + (as/so) far as + Infinitivo.
* llegar a un extremo = reach + epic proportions.
* no llegar al extremo de = draw + the line at.
(adj.) = extreme.
Nota: Adjetivo.
Ex: You can very frequently go into a large library and have extreme difficulty finding somebody to help you because there are 40 people sitting out in back doing something which somebody else is doing down the road.
* calor extremo = extreme heat.
* condiciones meteorológicas extremas = severe weather ; severe weather conditions.
* condición extrema = extreme condition.
* deporte extremo = extreme sport.
* en extremo = no end ; to no end.
* extrema derecha = far right.
* extrema precaución = extreme caution.
* extrema prudencia = extreme caution.
* frío extremo = extreme cold.
* medida extrema = dire measure.
* necesidad extrema = dire need.
* organización de extrema derecha = far-right organisation.
* temperaturas extremas = extreme temperatures.

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