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turnover; (Latin America) patty, small pie; fraud
in breadcrumbs
misty, hazy; cloudy; dim, blurred

pasty, pie

(n.) = pasty.
Ex: Babies eating pasties has, for a long time now, been a bugbear of mine.
(n.) = breading.
Ex: Next, a thin coating of flour can help the breading stick better.
(adj.) = breaded ; breadcrumbed.
Ex: Use fresh or frozen scallops for this tasty recipe with a breaded coating seasoned with dried Italian seasoning.
Ex: Try this delicious black garlic and breadcrumbed rack of lamb recipe.
* perrito empanado = corn dog.
* salchicha empanada = corn dog.
(v.) = bread ; coat in + crumbs ; breadcrumb ; coat in + breadcrumbs.
Ex: Breading mixtures can be made of breadcrumb, flour, cornmeal, and seasoning that the item to be breaded is dredged in before cooking.
Ex: Can steak, chicken or other meats be coated in flour or crumbs before canning?.
Ex: I breadcrumbed the fish today but sometimes I batter it.
Ex: Razor clams coated in breadcrumbs with lemon sauce and capers, potatoes and walnut vinaigrette.
* mezcla para empanar = breading mixture.
(adj.) = misty ; tarnished.
Ex: The article 'Misty, water-colored images' sounds the clarion for preservation activist librarians.
Ex: Coca-Cola appears to be taking pains to buff up its tarnished image -- a controversy continues to brew over pesticides found in its soda products.
* con los ojos empañados = misty-eyed.
(v.) = mist ; cloud ; tarnish ; taint.
Ex: The revenue-making services are glamorous, and their magic mists the fundamental democratic perspective of the free public library.
Ex: Whilst library schools should continue to concentrate upon traditional priorities and the obsession with machines and techniques should not cloud those priorities.
Ex: The article is entitled 'NCLIS (National Commission on Libraries and Information Science) assessment of public information dissemination: some sound ideas tarnished by defense of obsolete approaches' = El artículo se titula "Evaluación de la difusión de información pública por la NCLIS (Comisión Nacional sobre Bibliotecas y Documentación): algunas ideas acertadas deslucidas por la defensa de métodos obsoletos".
Ex: This article shows how the dowdy and boring image of the stereotypical librarian as presented in fiction, taints the portrayal of all who work in libraries.
* empañar + Posesivo + imagen = tarnish + Posesivo + image.
* empañar + Posesivo + reputación = tarnish + Posesivo + reputation.
* empañarse = blur.

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