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wide, broad; capacious; extensive; loose
width, breadth; gage; depth


broad , girth , width


(adj.) = broad ; loose fitting ; wide ; baggy ; saggy .
Ex: In 'upper town' streets are broad, quiet, and tree-shaded; the homes are tall and heavy and look like battleships, each anchored in its private sea of grass.
Ex: Documents should be kept in acid free boxes with loose fitting tops on shelves preferably made from baked enamel steel.
Ex: Located in an isolated section of the Southwest, Los Pasos sits under the brassy sun on a wide plain below a low range of hills.
Ex: After he returned from the outing, students were complaining that he was wearing the same baggy pants, minus boxers and with zipper undone.
Ex: The most overlooked secret to perfect skin is avoiding conditions that lead to wrinkling, age spots, saggy skin and in general all around skin damage.
* a lo ancho = crosswise ; crossways.
* a lo largo y ancho del país = countrywide [country-wide].
* a lo largo y ancho de + Lugar = up and down + Lugar.
* ancho de banda = bandwidth.
* ancho de caderas = pear-shaped ; wide-hipped.
* ancho de espaldas = broad-shouldered.
* anchos de diferentes tamaños = graded widths.
* banda ancha = broadband ; wide-band.
* cinta adhesiva ancha para libros = book tape.
* cinta ancha adhesiva plateada = duct tape.
* corbata ancha de colorines = kipper tie.
* de caderas anchas = wide-hipped.
* de espaldas anchas = broad-shouldered.
* hacer más ancho = make + Nombre + wider.
* meter de ancho = take in.
* Número + de ancho = Número + wide.
* pantalla ancha = widescreen.
* pantalones anchos = baggy pants.
* sombrero de alas anchas = broad-brimmed hat.

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