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arid, dry, barren

skinny, arid, dry unfruitful


(adj.) = dry ; arid ; barren ; parched ; waterless.
Ex: Machine-made paper, provided that it was dry, could be laid on with sufficient accuracy for register to be made with no more ado than adjustment of the forme for the second run.
Ex: It is time to redress the balance and pay more attention to subject knowledge or the librarian is in danger of becoming an arid, superficial technocrat.
Ex: Seeds blown by wind or carried by animals germinated and began sprouting green life in the barren area.
Ex: If predictions are right, an even larger expanse of land will become parched every year owing to global warming, urbanization, and deforestation.
Ex: This area is visited only by desert rats, biologists, military personnel, and those desperate people willing to walk across as much as 60 miles of waterless trail.
* clima árido = arid climate.

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