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weary, exhausted, fatigued, tired; tiresome, exhausting, tedious


(adj.) = fatigued ; tired ; wearisome ; weary ; wearying ; wearied ; washed-out.
Ex: In the event of any incorrect citations, one can then return to the 'scene of the crime' and discover whether the error was in the source or in one's fatigued perception of it.
Ex: In this reading mood we feel anxious, tired, lazy, worried -- whatever causes us to reject demanding and 'new' literature and forces us to take up again books that are comfortably -- and comfortingly -- known and easily enjoyed.
Ex: The earliest binding machines replaced the wearisome hand-beating of the sheets in order to fold them.
Ex: Humanity is returning to the downsized, reengineered, total quality management weary business world.
Ex: A new wave of books dealing frankly with such concerns as sex, alcoholism and broken homes was seen as a breakthrough, but plots and styles have begun to show a wearying sameness.
Ex: 'I better go in,' Leforte muttered, a wearied, disillusioned expression coming over her pallid features.
Ex: He calls himself a writer but he never produces anything because he says he's always too washed-out to write.
* con aire cansado = tiredly ; wearily.
* con cara de cansado = bleary-eyed.
* de un modo cansado = wearily ; tiredly.
* no hay descanso para los cansados = no rest for the weary!.
* sentirse cansado = feel + tired.
* tener la vista cansada = need + reading glasses.
* vista cansada = presbyopia ; visual fatigue.
(v.) = wear + a little thin ; fatigue ; wear + Nombre + down.
Ex: His jauntiness can wear a little thin, and the buff will be sorry there is no index, but there is much to be grateful for in this book.
Ex: Always snivelling, coughing, spitting; a stupid, tedious, ill-natured fellow, who was for ever fatiguing people.
Ex: The trials of raising her teenage children and caring for her sick father have worn her down.
* cansar la vista = cause + eyestrain.
* cansarse = get + tired ; weary.
* cansarse (de) = tire (of).
* lo mucho cansa = too much of a good thing.

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