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run; race, dash; chase; line; ladder; beam, horizontal support or joist used in building frames; stroke; route, track; career, profession; course of studies; course of life, the path of life
driver, one who drives; carter, one who drives a cart

running start, bound, spring



(n.) = race ; run.
Ex: Equality of opportunity is a myth: whilst some people start the race highly trained and wearing spikes others have balls and chains attached to their ankles and wear hobnailed boots = La igualdad de oportunidades es un mito: mientras que algunas personas empiezan la carrera muy preparados y llevan zapatillas de clavos, otras arrastran grilletes y cadenas en sus tobillos y llevan botas con clavos.
Ex: The truth is that after a run we have a window of opportunity to replace muscle glycogen stores that were used up.
* bicicleta de carreras = racing bike ; road bike.
* bici de carreras = racing bike.
* caballo de carreras = racehorse [race horse].
* carrera a pie = foot race.
* carrera armamentista, la = arms race, the.
* carrera contra el tiempo = race against time ; race against the clock.
* carrera contra reloj = race against time ; race against the clock.
* carrera de campo a través = cross-country race.
* carrera de coches improvisados sin motor = soapbox derby race ; soapbox derby.
* carrera de entrenamiento = training run.
* carrera de motocicletas = motorcycle race ; motorcycle racing.
* carrera de motocross = motocross race.
* carrera de motos = motorcycle racing ; motorcycle race.
* carrera de obstáculos = steeplechase ; obstacle race.
* carrera de relevos = relay race ; relay race.
* carrera de sacos = sack race ; potato sack race.
* carrera de tres piernas = three-legged race ; three-legged race.
* carrera informal = fun run.
* carrera pedestre = foot race.
* carrera presidencial = presidential race.
* carreras = racing.
* carreras de bicicletas = bike racing ; bicycle racing.
* carreras de bicis = bike racing.
* carreras de caballos = horse-racing.
* carreras de ciclismo = bike racing ; bicycle racing.
* carreras de galgos = greyhound racing.
* ciclista de carreras = bicycle racer.
* circuito de carreras = race track ; racing circuit.
* coche de carreras = competition car.
* corredor de carreras = race driver ; racer.
* deporte de carreras = racing sport.
* jinete de carreras = jockey.
* participar en una carrera de campo a través = run + a cross-country race.
* preparador de caballos de carreras = racehorse trainer.
* trineo de carreras = bobsleigh [bobsled, -USA].
(n.) = career ; career pattern ; course of study.
Ex: She began her career at Central Missouri State University where she was Head of the Documents Depository.
Ex: Non-traditional career patterns include part-time work; job share, flexitime, freelance and services by consultants and information brokers.
Ex: The notion that a course of study, whether academic or vocational/technical, prepares a person for a lifetime career is outdated and dangerous.
* avanzar en una carrera profesional = further + a career.
* carrera académica = academic career.
* carrera dramática = acting career.
* carrera política = political career.
* carrera profesional = career choice ; professional career.
* carrera universitaria = university career ; degree programme ; academic major ; college degree.
* hacer carrera = make + a name for + Reflexivo.
* primer año de carrera = freshman year.
* promocionar + Posesivo + carrera = advance + Posesivo + career.

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