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blind, unable to see; closed to, impervious to
blind person; indiscriminate



blind man

(v.) = blind.
Ex: This article presents a sketch of a young solicitor blinded in adolescence and describes library services currently available for him in Australia.
* cegar + los ojos = dazzle + eye.
* cegarse ante el hecho de que = blind + Pronombre + to the fact that.
(n.) = blind ; blind man.
Ex: It is the order of words that helps us to distinguish between 'office post' and 'post office' or, to quote the hackneyed example, 'blind Venetian' and 'Venetian blind'.
Ex: Volunteering to answer a query that has not yet been asked is like helping a blind man to the other side of the street without first making sure he wants to cross.
* a ciegas = blindfold ; blindfolded ; in the dark.
* amor ciego = blind love.
* andar a tientas y a ciegas = grope (for/toward) ; scrabble in + the dark ; scramble in + the dark.
* a tientas y a ciegas = blindly ; in the dark.
* a tontas y a ciegas = headlong ; runaway.
* biblioteca para ciegos = library for the blind.
* ciegos, los = blind, the.
* cita a ciegas = blind date.
* comprar a ciegas = buy + a pig in a poke.
* curva ciega = hairpin bend ; hairpin curve ; hairpin turn.
* dar palos de ciego = grope (for/toward).
* en el país de los ciegos el tuerto es el rey = in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king ; in the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king ; in the kingdom of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.
* en el país de los ciegos el tuerto es el rey = be a case of the blind leading the blind.
* ensayo doble ciego = double-blind research study.
* fe ciega = blind faith ; blind trust.
* hacerse el ciego = pretend + not to have seen.
* ir a tientas y a ciegas = bump around in + the dark ; fumble.
* licencia a ciegas = shrink-wrapped licence [shrinkwrapped licence].
* más ciego que un topo = as blind as a bat.
* más hambre que el perro de un ciego = as hungry as a wolf ; as hungry as a bear ; as hungry as a hunter.
* optimista a ciegas = cock-eyed optimist.
* palos de ciego = a stab in the dark ; a shot in the dark ; wild guess.
* pozo ciego = cesspool ; cesspit.
* punto ciego = blind spot.
* referencia ciega = blind reference.
* volverse ciego = become + blind.
(adj.) = mindless ; drunk back ; blind drunk.
Ex: This article argues that mindless adulation is no substitute for honest discussions of the bad as well as the good in young adult literature.
Ex: Is it not against the law to release a drunk back into society who may be still under the infuence?.
Ex: New research published today finds that even having just one stiff drink can make you 'blind drunk'.
* ponerse ciego = make + a pig of + Reflexivo ; pig out (on).
* ponerse ciego de = stuff + Reflexivo + with.
* tener una fe ciega en Algo = swear by it.

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