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joint, combined, conjunct
whole; aggregate, conjunction; ensemble; chorus; union; set
combine, unite, join

adjunctive, associated, adjuratory

assemblage , cache


(v.) = go together.
Ex: One of the flaws we have seen with these show houses is that none of the rooms seem to go together.
* conjuntarlo todo = tie + the pieces together.
* conjuntar mobiliario = match + furniture.
* conjuntarse = fall into + line.
(n.) = aggregate ; aggregation ; body ; set ; cache ; ensemble.
Ex: The result of this is to provide a distinct class number for an aggregate of subjects which are adjacent in the UDC schedule order.
Ex: We should realize that a library is not simply an aggregation of discrete recorded materials; rather, it represents a collection, or more precisely collection of works.
Ex: The main body of criticism centred upon the treatment of nonbook materials.
Ex: SELECT retrieves records containing the search term or terms you specify and stores them in sets.
Ex: It is known that there were books made from bamboo and wood during the Shang dynasty (1766-1122 BC) but none remain today except caches of oracle bones.
Ex: DIANE is the name that has been given to the ensemble of available information services.
* conjunto aleatorio de lógica difusa = random fuzzy set.
* conjunto de conocimientos = body of knowledge.
* conjunto de cosas afines, el = whole schmier, the.
* conjunto de datos = data set [dataset].
* conjunto de intereses = set of interests.
* conjunto de lógica difusa = fuzzy set.
* conjunto de modelos = model base.
* conjunto de música = musical band.
* conjunto de programas = workbench.
* conjunto de valores = set of values.
* conjunto difuso = rough set.
* conjunto documental multimedia = kit ; multimedia item.
* conjunto hecho por el propio usuario = custom set.
* conjunto impreciso = imprecise set.
* conjunto integrado de protocolos = a suite of + protocols.
* conjunto musical = musical band.
* conjunto residencial = estate.
* conjuntos de lógica difusa = fuzzy clustering.
* en conjunto = altogether ; on balance ; bulk ; all in all ; overall ; overall.
* en su conjunto = overall ; together ; collective ; put together ; on balance.
* formar en su conjunto = weave + to form.
* ofrecer una visión de conjunto = provide + a picture ; provide + an overview.
* tener una visión de conjunto = get + the whole picture.
* teoría de conjuntos = set theory.
* teoría de conjuntos difusos = fuzzy set theory.
* un conjunto cada vez mayor de = a growing body of.
* un conjunto de = a set of ; a suite of ; a pool of ; an assembly of ; a pattern of ; a universe of ; a harvest of ; a complement of ; a body of.
* un conjunto dispar de = a patchwork of.
* ver las cosas en su conjunto = see + things as a whole.
* visión de conjunto = overview ; sweep.
(adj.) = collaborative ; joint ; pooled ; combined ; conjoint.
Ex: This is a truly collaborative effort involving the Council on Library Resources (CLR) as the management and funding agency and 12 participants from the research library community.
Ex: Library schools must build bridges such as joint programmes and joint professorships that link them with their parent academic institution.
Ex: A group of 64 libraries realised substantial cost reductions by joining in a pooled fund to self-insure for unemployment compensation.
Ex: The joint code was the result of the combined efforts of the Library Association (UK) and the American Library Association.
Ex: This involves revitalization of local communities to enable individuals to consciously and intelligently participate in conjoint activities and gain.
* autoría conjunta = collaborative writing.
* código conjunto = joint code.
* coeficiente de referencia conjunta = cocitation strength.
* comité conjunto = joint committee.
* de forma conjunta con = in partnership with.
* de manera conjunta con = in partnership with.
* de modo conjunto con = in partnership with.
* desarrollo conjunto = joint development.
* diseñado en conjunto = co-designed.
* edición conjunta = joint issue.
* funcionamiento conjunto = interworking.
* gráfica de referencias conjuntas = cocitation graph.
* letras conjuntas = tied letters.
* operación conjunta = joint operation.
* presentación conjunta = packaging.
* producción conjunta = joint production.
* proyecto conjunto = joint project ; cooperative venture.
* publicidad conjunta = joint publicity.
* reunión conjunta = joint meeting.
* todo en su conjunto = whole affair, the.
* trabajo conjunto = interworking.
* umbral de referencia conjunta = cocitation threshold.

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