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thin, slim, slight; flimsy

delicate, fine



(adj.) = slim ; thin ; slender ; lean ; skinny .
Ex: Abstracting journals vary enormously in scope ranging from vast publications covering an entire discipline, to slim volumes centred on a relatively narrow topic.
Ex: Wronski remained silent for a moment, looking at the thin gray threads of smoke that were rising from his cigarette.
Ex: He is a small, slender man, with a pencil-thin moustache and whitening, scanty hair.
Ex: While Baskerville's italic was a lean, elegant letter, the most radical departure from tradition since the French academic italic of the 1690s.
Ex: The writer discusses the fashion industry's obsession with skinny models.
* alto y delgado = spindly .
* con tallo largo y delgado = leggy [leggier -comp., leggiest -comp].
* de aspecto delgado = lean-looking.
* delgado como un palo = stick-thin.
* delgado y fuerte = wiry .
* demasiado delgado = underweight.
* hacer más delgado = thin.
* intestino delgado = small intestine ; small bowel.
* largo y delgado = spindly .
* nada sabe mejor que sentirse delgado = nothing tastes as good as thin feels.
* vela delgada = taper.

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