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indispensable, requisite, essential, vital


(adj.) = imperative ; essential ; indispensable ; mission critical [mission-critical] ; driving.
Ex: It is imperative that the indexer should have an appreciation of how the index is to be used.
Ex: The preceding chapter has introduced the essential characteristics of bibliographic descriptions.
Ex: Of course, these catalogs will still remain indispensable guides to LC holdings not represented by MARC records.
Ex: Effectiveness is often measured as the resultant quality of mission critical products of the institution = A menudo la eficacia se mide como la calidad resultante de los productos esenciales de la institución.
Ex: Self-actualization is the driving need to reach one's own potential.
* cuestión imprescindible = imperative.
* hacer lo imprescindible = do + enough to get by.
* lo imprescindible = bare necessities, the ; bare minimum.
* ser imprescindible = be a must ; be a must ; be imperative.

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