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resume, summary, abstract; abridgment
resume, summarize, abridge, recapitulate

abridgement, abridgment, abstract



(n.) = abbreviation ; abstract ; condensation ; digestion ; précis ; résumé ; summarisation [summarization, -USA] ; summary ; summary ; recap ; recapitulation ; rundown ; roundup [round-up].
Ex: Many other terms are used to denote a regurgitation or abbreviation of document content.
Ex: An abstract is a concise and accurate representation of the contents of a document, in a style similar to that of the original document.
Ex: An abridgement is usually taken to be a condensation that necessarily omits a number of secondary points.
Ex: They can help in effective note-taking, digestion of current literature, and the analysis of committee papers.
Ex: A précis is an account which restricts itself to the essential points of an argument.
Ex: A synopsis is one type of résume prepared by the author of a work.
Ex: In summarization we are concerned with stating the total content of the document in a brief description.
Ex: A clearer demarcation might be drawn between the traditional subject headings lists and thesauri by the following summary of differences.
Ex: Strictly, a summary is a restatement within a document of the salient findings and conclusions of the document.
Ex: Each session should begin with a brief recap of the previous week's reading.
Ex: Here again the contributors are leading scholars, but in this case the emphasis is upon analysis and interpretation rather than factual recapitulation.
Ex: This article describes the functionality of CARL software for this purpose, loads a brief rundown of data bases, and gives the criteria for selecting data bases.
Ex: Nobody can depend exclusively on library publications reviews to identify new titles, though Publishers Weekly's computer book roundups do help.
* agencia de resúmenes = abstracting agency ; abstracting organisation.
* a modo de resumen = wrap-up.
* base de datos bibliográfica de resúmenes = abstracts based bibliographic database.
* boletín de resúmenes = abstracting bulletin ; abstracts bulletin.
* elaboración de resúmenes = abstracting.
* en resumen = in conclusion ; in summary ; simply put ; the long and (the) short of ; in sum ; in all ; to sum up ; to sum it up ; in essence ; put simply ; all in all ; simply stated ; to boil it down ; all told.
* normas para la elaboración de resúmenes = abstracting policy.
* página de resúmenes = abstract page ; abstract sheet.
* pantalla de resumen de nombres = name summary screen.
* pantalla resumen = summary screen.
* pantalla resumen del documento = document summary screen.
* pantalla resumen de notas = note summary screen.
* plantilla de resúmenes = abstracting form.
* preparación automática de resúmenes = automatic abstracting.
* presentar un resumen = give + summary.
* publicación de resúmenes = abstracting and indexing publication ; abstracting and indexing publication ; abstracting publication.
* resumen a partir de los inicios de los documentos = lead-based summary.
* resumen biográfico = biographical sketch.
* resumen breve = short abstract.
* resumen crítico = critical abstract.
* resumen de autor = author abstract.
* resumen de comunicación = meeting abstract.
* resumen de interés = highlight abstract.
* resumen de la dirección = executive summary.
* resumen de la junta directiva = executive summary.
* resumen de misión = mission-oriented abstract.
* resumen de noticias = roundup [round-up] ; roundup of news ; roundup of news.
* resumen de novedades = roundup [round-up] ; roundup of news ; roundup of news.
* resumen de resultados = findings-oriented abstract.
* resumen documental = document summary.
* resumen ejecutivo = executive summary.
* Resúmenes Internacionales de Farmacia (IPA) = International Pharmaceutical Abstracts (IPA).
* resumen especial = mission-oriented abstract.
* resumen estadístico = statistical abstract.
* resumen hecho para una disciplina concreta = discipline-oriented abstract.
* resumen homotópico = homotopic abstract.
* resumen indicativo = indicative abstract.
* resumen indicativo-informativo = indicative-informative abstract.
* resumen informativo = informative abstract.
* resumen numérico = numerical abstract.
* resumen reglado = ruly abstract.
* resumen selectivo = selective abstract ; slanted abstract.
* resumen tabular = tabular abstract.
* resumen telegráfico = telegraphic abstract.
* revista de resúmenes = abstracts journal ; abstracting journal ; abstracting periodical ; abstracting and indexing publication ; abstract journal ; synoptic journal ; abstracting and indexing journal ; abstracting publication.
* servicio de indización y resumen = abstracting and indexing service ; indexing and abstracting service.
* servicio de resúmenes = abstracting service.
* tipo de resumen = abstracting format.
(v.) = summarise [summarize, -USA] ; synthesise [synthesize, -USA] ; sum up ; abstract ; telescope ; encapsulate ; abridge.
Ex: The objective is to summarize the contribution made by the original's author, but to exclude any peripheral material.
Ex: These elementary constituents of compound subjects have been synthesized, or combined, in a preferred citation order, to form the index description of the compound class.
Ex: The reason such a question gets asked so often is because there's no agreed upon answer that neatly sums up the Internet.
Ex: For example, a paper that discusses diseases in dogs, cats, and chickens might have only the part about dogs abstracted if the user group is doing research on diseases in dogs.
Ex: What certainly happens without a doubt is that the experienced librarian telescopes into what may appear to be a single instantaneous decision a whole series of logically-connected search steps.
Ex: The Manifesto encapsulates the principles and priorities of public libraries in widely varying contexts.
Ex: Inevitably any abridgement poses the dilemma how to abridge, that is, what to leave out and what to include.
* en resumidas cuentas = bottom line, the.
* estilo de resumir = abstracting style.
* instrumento para resumir e indizar = abstracting and indexing tool.
* para resumir = to sum up ; to sum it up ; to make a long story short ; to recap ; to cut a long story short ; simply put ; simply stated ; to boil it down ; to summarise.

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