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acknowledge; greet, salute

he/she greets

(v.) = greet ; salute ; say + hi ; pass + the time of day.
Ex: 'Hello, Tom!' said the director, greeting him enthusiastically, as he rounded his desk to shake hands, which he did with unrestrained ardor.
Ex: This is the epitome of a casual beachside bar, offering long cool drinks during the heat of the day, and cocktails to salute the setting sun.
Ex: But if you're out and about like I am, here's where I'll be over the next few nights, and feel free to say hi if you're going to be in the same area.
Ex: And while I ate, waited on by the rosy-cheeked chambermaid, in came my host to pass the time of day.
* saludar a Alguien levantando el sombrero ligeramente = tip + Posesivo + hat to + Nombre.
* saludar con la mano = wave.
* saludarse = greet + each other ; greet + one another.

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