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super, over, above
concerning, about; on, atop; onto, upon; super, above; in
leave; take away; remain




= be left over.
Ex: But what about the fact that twelve basketfuls of bread were left over -- already broken into bite-size pieces?.
(n.) = envelope ; sachet.
Ex: A jacket or sleeve is a protective envelope for a sound disc, made of cardboard or paper.
Ex: Piperazine usually comes in a sachet of powder, which you mix with a small amount of milk or water before drinking.
* licencia en sobre hermético = shrink-wrap licence [shrinkwrap licence] ; shrink-wrapped licence [shrinkwrapped licence].
* poner la dirección en un sobre = address + an envelope.
* sobre acolchado = jiffy bag.
* sobre acolchado con burbujas de plástico = bubble bag.
* sobre para el control del préstamo = slip holder pocket.
* sopa de sobre = instant soup ; packet soup.
= about ; on ; surrounding ; the way in which.
Ex: His report contains sufficient information about a set of events and the people involved to allow for careful, systematic investigation.
Ex: Efforts are being made in the direction of an international consensus on the definition and treatment of corporate authorship.
Ex: This section, then, will review the basic problems surrounding the choice of form of headings for persons.
Ex: Recommendations relating to analytical cataloguing practices concern themselves primarily with the way in which the part of a document or work to be accessed is described.
* sobre + Cantidad = around + Cantidad.
* sobre el automóvil = automotive.
* sobre ello = thereupon [thereon].
* sobre el que se están haciendo averiguaciones = under investigation.
* sobre gustos no hay nada escrito = everyone to their (own) taste ; each to their own (taste) ; to each his own ; different strokes for different folks.
* sobre la comedia = comedic.
* sobre los glaciares = glaciological.
* sobre museos = museum-based.
* sobre ruedas = smoothly.
= on top of ; onto ; over ; upon ; atop.
Ex: Cards are superimposed, one on top of another, and carefully aligned.
Ex: When one is in place, the depression of a lever causes it to be photographed onto the next blank space.
Ex: The conventional name of a government is the geographic name of the area over which the government has jurisdiction.
Ex: All love that has not friendship for its base is like a mansion built upon the sand.
Ex: In Paris, the liberty cap atop the pike became an important icon aimed against the fading tyranny of the ancien regime.
* sobre ascuas = in suspense.
* sobre base de arena = sand-based.
* sobre disco = ondisc.
* sobre el papel = in intent ; nominally ; on paper.
* sobre el terreno = on the ground.
* sobre esta base = on this basis ; on that basis.
* sobre forro de tela = cloth-backed.
* sobre la base de = in relation to ; on the usual basis.
* sobre la marcha = on-the-fly ; off the top of + Posesivo + head ; right off the bat ; spur-of-the-moment ; on the spur of the moment ; while-you-wait [while-u-wait] ; straight away ; as you go ; right away ; at once.
* sobre la superficie = above ground.
* sobre la tierra = on earth ; on the face of the earth ; on the ground.
* sobre ruedas = on wheels ; roll-out ; without a hitch ; without a glitch.
* sobre suelo firme = on firm footing.
* sobre todas las cosas = above all things.
* sobre todo = above all ; above everything else ; overwhelmingly ; in particular ; above all things.
* Verbo + sobre todo = Verbo + the most.
* y sobre todo = and worst of all.

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