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Total in English
wholesale total, entire, complete, absolute total, whole; sum, summation

Dictionary source: Babylon Spanish-English Dictionary
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Total in Spanish
(pop.) Excelente; de lo mejor; bárbaro, óptimo
En verdad; en resumidas cuentas.

Dictionary source: Lunfardo (Argentina)
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Dictionary source: Aragonés-Castellán
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Total in Bulgarian
 1. adj всеобщ, универсален; тотален; цял; 2. m сума, сбор; en ~ всичко на всичко, в крайна сметка; общо; 3. adv така че, накратко.

Dictionary source: Spanish Bulgarian Dictionary
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Total in Catalan

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Total in German

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Total in Danish

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Total in English

Dictionary source: Spanish-English Online Dictionary
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Dictionary source: Spanish English Learner's Dictionary
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(n.) = tally [tallies, pl.] ; total ; count ; grand total.
Ex: As the various parts of the record are entered, the document summary indicates the additions by the tallies opposite the record parts.
Ex: Someone must read a total on the card, so that the machine can add its computed item to it.
Ex: Not much data beyond loan counts was available and re-keying and remanipulations were frequently needed to make the information useful.
Ex: The grand total of 4,300 exhibitors was 4 per cent up on 1996.
* de un total de + Cantidad = out of a total of + Cantidad.
* el total de = the total sum of ; the sum total of ; the full range of.
* total acumulado = cumulative total.
* total acumulativo = cumulative total.
* total comprometida = encumbrance.
* total comprometido = accrual.
* total de calorías = calorie count.
* total de préstamos = circulation figures.
* total devengado = encumbrance ; accrual.
* un total de = a universe of ; a total of.
(adj.) = complete ; full ; thorough ; total ; end to end ; supine ; unrelieved ; utter ; gavel to gavel ; systemic ; overarching ; ultimate ; avowed ; out-and-out ; certified ; unmitigaged ; fully blown ; unreserved ; fulsome ; overall ; wall-to-wall ; blithering ; full-on ; compleat.
Nota: Forma arcaica.
Ex: The main entry is the complete catalogue record of the document.
Ex: Since recall goes up as precision goes down, it is clearly not possible to achieve in general a system which gives full recall at the same time as full precision.
Ex: Timely and thorough planning is essential.
Ex: This situation requires a very skilled information worker if total disaster is to be avoided.
Ex: Next morning the heap, now damp right through, was set up on one end of the horse (later called the bank), a bench long enough to take two piles of paper end to end, and about as high as the coffin of the press.
Ex: 'I was saying that we shouldn't have a supine acceptance for temporary limitations'.
Ex: Although the slave narratives were usually intended to serve in the cause of abolition, not all of them were bitter, unrelieved tirades against the institution of slavery, but rather there were frequently moments of relieving laughter.
Ex: There is little to be said for this grudging acceptance or utter rejection of pseudonyms.
Ex: A survey of state legislators finds that lawmakers support expanding television coverage of legislative proceedings to include gavel to gavel programming.
Ex: There is a need for an examination of the whole process of information dissemination from a 'systemic' framework.
Ex: There appears to be an unhealthy tendency among information technology professionals to elevate any single, highly successful practical experience instantly into an overarching paradigm for managerial success.
Ex: The whole project is undeniably full of sentimental, cinephiliac rapture, but it provided the ultimate opportunity for filmmakers to talk feverishly about the basic nature of their medium.
Ex: Anne Bogart's novel combines avowed misogyny with postfeminist frolic = Las novelas de Anne Bogart combinan una misoginia declarada con retozos postfeministas.
Ex: Such an appraoch is unlikely to improve the social sciences unless valid informaton can first be distinguished from out-and-out incorrect information.
Ex: She is a certified TV-addict -- you simply cannot talk to her when she's glued to the box.
Ex: Only Bush could take a horrible situation and create an unmitigated disaster.
Ex: This time it's a hairline fracture rather than a fully blown break of a metatarsal, however the result is the same.
Ex: It is also important that we all give them our unreserved support.
Ex: She was strangely attractive, though dressed in fulsome black, a veil over head and face.
Ex: There is not necessarily any overall plan for the development and maintenance of the schedules.
Ex: It was wall-to-wall crowds, ambulances could not get through and forget being able to buy so much as a coke without an hour wait.
Ex: Never before have we seen such blithering incompetence.
Ex: They are waging a full-on assault in the fight against hunger in the city.
Ex: Not since those heady days in the early 60's have I seen such a compleat (yes, it is a correct spelling, just old, like me) performance.
* cambio total = turnaround ; turnabout [turn-about].
* conversión total = desuperimposition.
* de movimiento total = full-motion.
* derrota total = shutout.
* en total = all told ; altogether ; in all ; overall ; in total ; in toto.
* éxito repentino y total = flush of success.
* éxito toal = thumping success.
* éxito total = record success ; roaring success.
* fiasco total = total write-off ; complete failure.
* fracaso total = complete failure ; total write-off.
* integración total = seamlessness.
* la suma total de = the total sum of ; the sum total of.
* limpieza total = clean sweep.
* Número + en total = Número + in number.
* oscuridad total = pitch blackness ; pitch darkness.
* rechazo total = bold statement against.
* ser una pérdida total = be a dead loss.
* síndrome de alergia total = total allergy syndrome.
* siniestro total = write-off [writeoff] ; total write-off ; total wreck.
* suma total = sum total ; count.
* tener un lleno total = have + a full house ; have + a packed house.
* total atención = undivided attention.

Dictionary source: Spanish English Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 7.7
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Total in Italian

Dictionary source: Spanish Italian Automotive Terms
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Total in Finnish
täydellinen, totaalinen täysin kokonaismäärä, summa

Dictionary source: Spanish-Finnish Dictionary (Ilmo)
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yhteismäärä, summa, kokonaisuus, laskea yhteen

Dictionary source: Spanish-Finnish Dictionary
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